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A. Who is Carlos Bulosan? Who is the Filipina/o American in the time of Carlos Bulosan?

1. America is the Heart: Colonized “American Dreams” Before and Beyond Bulosan
2. Little Manila : Filipinos in California’s Heartland

B. Who is Magno Rubio? What can we learn about the Filipina/o American experience through Bulosan’s short story The Romance of Magno?

1. The TITLE – Love in the Time of the Manongs: The Romance of the Filipino with America
2. The TIME and TREATMENT – Race Matters: Anti- Filipino Sentiment in the 1930’s
3. The TEXT – The Romance of Filipinos in America: A Short Story of a Long History

C. Performing The Romance of Magno Rubio

Day 1. Classroom as a Stage
Day 2. Stage as a Classroom
Day 3. Connecting Magno Rubio, Carlos Bulosan, and our Current Experiences


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